Corporate Governance

MLog is committed to the adoption of the highest levels of corporate governance and transparency in the relationship with its investors, suppliers, partners, employees and stakeholders in general. The Company adopts the industry’s best practices, including high accountability, independence, and corporate responsibility.

MLog's governance model is based on the principles of transparency and stability needed to position MLog on a clear growth and value creation path.


It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to define general Company strategic policies and guidelines, to evaluate the plans and projects submitted by the Executive Officers, and to make sure that results are achieved.

The Executive Officers are responsible for the execution of the business strategy defined by the Board of Directors, the elaboration of plans and projects and the operational and financial performance of the Company. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the selection of the Executives, which should be confirmed by the Board of Directors. The CEO, among other roles, acts as the liaison between the Executives and the Board of Directors